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A paleontologist and her husband discover a mother and baby brontosaurus in Africa, and try to protect them from a group of hunters intent on capturing the dinosaurs. Star Trek: Voyager (02:00) From Star Trek: Voyager: 2. "The Baby Secret" is the story of Zac and Victoria, and was a great read! Main Theme (02:31) From Basic Instinct: 3. Roy Mackal and his goofy belief in dinosaurs living in Darkest Africa, but what we ended up with was your garden variety matinee monster movie that didn’t really provide all that much in the way of dino-action. Our baby cosmetics are produced and packaged on German soil according to the European Union standards for child care products.

Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement BABY...SECRET OF THE of quality for Movies & TV. The story of a paleontologist that discovers a family of brontosaurus but sacrifices her discovery to save the animal is pleasant and with moral values. A paleontologist (Sean Young) and her husband (William Katt) protect a baby brontosaurus from a cutthroat colleague (Patrick McGoohan) in Af. Shop Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Blu-ray 1985 at Best Buy.

Secret of the Lost Legend and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. "The Baby Secret" (暴あばかれた野や望ぼう! At the time of filming (and to this day), the SG 540 was the standard service rifle of the Ivory Coast, where the movie was filmed. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. SECRET OF THE images.

a must see, and a great addition to any movie library! Through a tribe. We went all the way for the Baby Secret product line because we know that the delicateness of babies’ skin dictates that BABY...SECRET OF THE they get only the best skin care. It’s all on Hulu. Acquista &39;Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend di Jerry Goldsmith&39; mp3 download online 7digital Italia - Oltre 25 milioni di tracce di alta qualità nel nostro negozio.

With William Katt, Sean Young, Patrick McGoohan, Julian Fellowes. only to find out three months later there is bun in the oven! Jacob Stolworthy Summary: "In the Equatorial Rain Forest of West Africa, rumors persist of a huge reptile-like creature. Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend on DVDfrom Disney / Buena Vista. I own nothing; rights belong to their respective owners. A 1985 live-action Disney film released under its Touchstone label, unlike other dinosaur films of the time that relied on Stop Motion for its visual effects, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, opted instead for a combination of life-sized animatronics and puppets worn by people to provide the walking motions; the film was Darker and Edgier than. See more videos for BABY.

Overall, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend is a fairly forgettable BABY...SECRET OF THE entry from the folks over at Disney, which is a shame as the subject matter could have led to an interesting movie, such as tackling the life of Dr. Robert&39;s Theme (04:07) From Lionheart: 13. Staring Patrick McGoohan, William Katt and Sean Young. Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend is a 1985 American adventure fantasy film directed by Bill L.

The film was produced at a low spot in the Disney History, although some films came out during the decade, it wasn&39;t until The Little Mermaid in 1989 that Disney&39;s animation department recovered its former glory. Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend: (Jerry Goldsmith) When Walt Disney Pictures decided to venture into the realm of non-G-rated films, it created the Touchstone Pictures studio in 1984 to reap the benefits of such productions without tarnishing their own reputation as the industry leader in the children&39;s genre. More Action, Family and Animals & Nature DVDs available @ DVD Empire.

He is the nemesis of Dr. A fun action adventure with some solid special effects for the time period, a fairly fast pace, likable characters and just enough grit and realism to make it more than just your typical Disney fare. Big surprise when I bought it and hoped to watch it with my granddaughter. Victoria runs away after her wedding night, having heard about her husband being with his ex/cousin- a rumor that is fueled by her bitch of a mother. tape is used but has not been BABY...SECRET removed from the box since time of purchase.

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend soundtrack from 1985, composed by Jerry Goldsmith. Secret Love-Child: Kept for Her Baby BABY...SECRET OF THE / The Costanzo Baby Secret / Her Secret His Love-Child. Secret of the Lost Legend Sean Young William Katt Patrick McGoohan (1985) A paleontologist (Sean Young) and her husband (William Katt) protect a baby brontosaurus from a cutthroat colleague (Patrick McGoohan) in Africa. Released by Intrada in (Special Collection Volume 62) containing music from Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985). This is the theatrical trailer for the 1984 film Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend. this listing is for a vhs tape "baby secret of the lost legend". In the film a paleontologist and her husband discover a mother, father and baby brontosaurus (mokele mbembe) in Africa, and try to protect them from a group of hunters intent on capturing the dinosaurs.

Faerie Dance / Reunited (07:12) From Legend: 12. While studying rare fossils, they uncover a living, breathing legend, an enormous pair of Brontosauruses and a hatchling dinosaur alive in the heart of the rain forest! Jāku Seimeitai Bebī, lit. Buy Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend (Blu-ray) at Walmart. Two American paleontologists traveling in the African jungle discover a surviving baby dinosaur in this family-oriented take on King Kong. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over . baby: secret of the lost legend trailer on Total Views : 1 Daily Views : 0 12.

The Evil Lifeform, Baby") is the sixth episode of the Baby Saga (in the English release) or the twenty-second episode of the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga (in Japan) and the twenty-second overall episode of Dragon Ball GT. Child Life Exam Secrets Study Guide: Child Life Test Review. Directed by Bill Norton. With all this going on, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend is certainly a minor curio for anyone interested in 1980s film history, but it’s of particular nostalgic interest to me since I remember seeing it in theaters when I was about 10 (and probably hadn’t seen it again until this Blu-ray, save for any TV airings shortly afterward). The special effects are excellent for a 1985 film. 1/10 IMDb 13% Rotten Tomatoes. The dinosaurs are based on Mokele mbembe and even make reference in the film by telling how a tribe in the congo once. The plot concerns an American couple who kind a family of surviving Apatosaurs (Brontosaurus in Central Africa and their struggle to protect them from a greedy scientist and the military.

Start your free trial to watch Baby. 邪じゃ悪あく生せい命めい体たいベビー, Abakareta Yabō! Susan Matthews-Loomis (Sean Young) -- determined. And even with all its stumbles, Lost couldn&39;t have ended any other way. The live-action films varied in quality with Baby: Secret of Lost Legend about in the middle.

The opening & closing to Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend 1985 VHS. Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend is a secret hidden gem. Join a thrilling expedition deep in the forbidding jungle, where two modern scientists are on the trail of an amazing discovery!

Watch Exclusive &39;Archenemy&39; Clip: I Thought You Didn&39;t Kill People Read More; This Week in Movie News: Marvel Studios’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ a Patty Jenkins ‘Star Wars’ Movie, Buzz Lightyear Goes Solo, ‘Dog Man’ Animated Feature and More. Eric Kiviat (Patrick McGoohan), an evil paleontologist, is after it with a vengeance. Eight years before the dinosaur mania created by Jurassic Park, Bill L. Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend HD IMDB: 5. Price Match Guarantee. Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend. Main Theme (02:35) From Total Recall: Disc/Cassette 4: 1. All done in fair use for historic.

Questions (03:02) From Rambo III: 14. This was a favorite of my daughter when she was growing up, but we saw it on TV. Love Theme (05:12. Featured Movie News.

"Ambitions Exposed! Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend is an American children-oriented film released in 1985. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Production 4 Reception 5 Soundtrack 6 Gallery 7 External links An American couple.

Directed by Bill Norton. Norton released this more dinosaur-friendly story about a 10-foot baby dinosaur in dire straits in Africa because Dr. The story is based on actual rumors about dinosaur-like creatures (called Mokele-mbembe) still existing in Africa. Norton and starring William Katt, Sean Young, Patrick McGoohan, and Julian Fellowes. "Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend" is a film with a highly entertaining adventure.

1 Paleontologist and her husband discover a mother and baby brontosaurus in Africa, try to protect them from hunters who want to capture them. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets. Soldiers commanded by Colonel Nsogbu use SIG SG 540 assault rifles throughout the film. Baby: Secret of the lost legend is an adventure movie produced by Disney.

Also known as Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, the film. To protect this rare find, they must escape a world of unseen and certain danger. Isaac&39;s mother corners him and is about to sacrifice him, when the Bible falls off a shelf above her, hitting her and knocking her out. From Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend: 11. please view all photos and read item description for better detail of condition.

Said to be larger than an adult elephant, the natives call it Mokele-Mobembe.


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